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Attention: new COVID-19 measures announced

physical distancing maintained

Fresh measures have been announced, with the most notable being that as of Donnerstag 29 Oktober, all of Malta’s bars will be closing their doors till 1 Dezember.

In spite of the closure of bars, snack bars and kiosks will be allowed to remain open. However, they will be prohibited to sell any kind of alcoholic beverage and must close between 11pm and 5am the following morning.

Wait, there’s more.

The amount of people who can gather in public has been reduced from 10 to six people. This measure applies to all public spaces, including queues and bus stops unless of course, physical distancing is maintained.

Fines dished out for disregarding physical distancing and group gathering rules will be increased from €100 to €200. However, the fine will be reduced to €100, provided that they are admitted to and paid before being presented in front of the Commissioner for Justice.

The Health Ministry announced the latest restrictions in a statement yesterday, in order to contain the recent surge of COVID-19 on the islands.

Earlier in the day, doctors warned that urgent measures were required, in order to curb the virus and avoid the collapse of the healthcare system. The Malta Medical Association, in the meantime, reiterated that the seven-day moving average is now of 125 new cases per day, with two new deaths reported on Sonntag.

As it stands, there are 1,895 active cases.