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Malta’s first standing event sold out within minutes

Following a year of not being permitted to organise any standing events, operators around the Maltese Islands have been wracking their brains to create a safe space, where partygoers can dance without any fears or stresses. The Glitch Club Series has returned and are certain that they have achieved just that.

The Glitch Club Series, which has always promised to deliver the same intensity found on Glitch Festival’s stages, is set to host 100 people, upon presentation of vaccine certificates and ID cards and was sold out within minutes. Their second event, which is scheduled for the 17 of August, is also sold out.

The Series announced a third night, for the 18 of August, as they “hate disappointing anyone.”

Just last week, Health minister Chris Fearne announced that the Maltese government may start allowing standing organised events, following the Santa Marija public holiday on 15 August.

“If the situation and the numbers allow us to do so, we will consider allowing standing events with smaller numbers after Santa Marija. That way, we can continue approaching normality,” said Fearne.

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