Scientastic Weekend

Esplora is reopening its doors on the 13th June! We could not be more excited to welcome you back at Malta’s interactive Science Centre! Preparations for the reopening have been underway for quite some time now; ensuring the centre is compliant with all health and safety regulations whilst continuing to offer you a great experience!

Celebrate scientastic week, where you can immerse yourself in the world of science and enjoy fantastic science shows.

There are three different four-hour trails to choose from, as indicated below. The experience also includes a 1-hour slot at the EsploraCafe.

Trail A – Earth and Beyond

If you love learning about our Planet, then this is the trail for you! Here you can explore several exhibition galleries, namely, Earth, Eco-Life, Human Body, Electricity, Our Solar System, Life in Space and Esplora’s own Adventure Park! As part of this experience, you will also get to see our mighty Science Communicators during the Science Show ‘Weatherology’. Finally, you also get to end your visit at our EsploraCafe to indulge in one of our treats!

Trail B- Music for the Senses

Esplora, think and appreciate your senses by j­oining this fantastic trail! Here you can explore several exhibition galleries, namely, Motion, Optics, Music, Illusion, Engineering, Media and Nature of Matter.  As part of this experience, you get to ‘Pump up the Volume’ through one of our most popular Science Shows. Finally, you also get to visit at our EsploraCafe for a refreshing beverage and one of our new tasty snacks!

Trail C – Little Esploras (3 to 5-year-olds)

This experience is dedicated to those children between 3 and 5 years of age. The Little Esploras playscape area has a Bicycle Track, a Snug area, a Pirate Ship area, and water exhibits for guaranteed fun. Through this trail you and your children will have access to both the inside and outside areas of the little Esploras section including some ‘Bubbly surprises’. After some fun and play, you also get to visit our EsploraCafe for a little break and a delicious healthy snack!

Visit to view the Covid-19 safety measures.

The event is finished.

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