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Gozo in world’s top 100 sustainable tourist destinations

OH YEAH. Once again, the delightful island of Gozo has been ranked as one of the top 100 sustainable tourist destinations in the world, by the Green Destinations Certification Programme for 2020.

Back in 2018, the island won the prize of best sustainable destination in the Mediterranean, also awarded by the same body.

Photo: François Kaiser

Basilica of the Blessed Virgin Of Ta' Pinu, Gozo, Malta

Photo: Vadim Korolchuk

The Directorate of Tourism and Economic Development within the Ministry for Gozo nominated the island for this year’s award. Following an intense scrutiny exercise, used to determine the exact qualities of the destination, together with the observation of effective practices in terms of sustainable tourism, the Top 100 Global Sustainable Destinations also included Gozo in the Good Travel Guide. Let’s hear it again: OH YEAH.

The six evaluation criteria in order to be ranked among the best destinations were the following:

  • Destination Management

  • Nature

  • Scenery and Animals

  • Environment and Climate

  • Culture and Tradition

  • Social Wellbeing

  • Business and Hospitality

Clint Camilleri, the Minister for Gozo said, “this will continue to give us courage to work harder in every field, especially in the tourism sector, so that the island of Gozo continues to be the destination of choice for many.”

The Minister went on to say how proud he is of Gozo’s natural beauty, which consistently attracts visitors to the island, with the “work of this government continuing to translate into positive results for our country.”

Check out the full top 100 list here and Gozo on the Good Travel Guide here.