Renowned Australian actor Eric Bana in Malta for Mediterranean Film Festival This June

Bana as Hulk in 2003

Renowned Australian actor Eric Bana will participate in the inaugural Mediterranean Film Festival, which will be held in Valletta from 25=30 June 2023. 

Bana is well-known for his notable performances in Malta, particularly in “Troy” (2004) and “Munich” (2005). In “Troy,” Bana played Hector, filmed at Fort Ricasoli, Blue Lagoon, and Golden Bay. 

In “Munich,” he portrayed Avner Kaufman, with Malta serving as the backdrop for six different countries. 

Bana’s filmography includes major blockbusters like “Hulk” (2003) and “Star Trek” (2009), the latter earning $385.7 million worldwide. He also starred in the TV series “Dirty John” (2018). 

Bana’s presence highlights the festival’s global appeal, attracting actors, producers, and representatives from renowned international studios. 

During The Mediterranean Film Festival, a platform showcasing talents from the Mediterranean region, Bana will be delivering a masterclass, which promises an exceptional learning experience. 

For more information and event schedules, visit the official festival website here