7 Unique Souvenirs to Bring Back from Your Trip to Malta

traditional maltese knockers

Whenever we travel, we make memories. The places we have visited have given us unique experiences that we wish to remember. Even though Malta is a small island, it certainly doesn’t lack in the souvenir department. 

Here are seven souvenirs that would surely bring back happy memories from your trip to Malta.

Bronze-cast Door Knockers

Over the years, Malta has stood out for its incredible craft. Among their heritage crafts are the bronze-cast door knockers that are characteristic of Baroque architecture across Malta as a status symbol. They come in many forms such as a ball with a circular ring, lion’s heads, dolphins, and the eight-pointed Maltese cross, an emblem of the Knights Hospitaller. You can get them at the Artisans Centre (Republic Street, Valletta). For custom creations, contact Funderija Artistika.

Handmade Maltese Lace (Bizzilla)

This craft is known for its intricate bobbin/pillow lace technique, a process that requires a lot of time and patience. It’s an authentic piece to be appreciated forever for the hard work involved as well as for its delicate beauty. This artisanal tradition thrived during the 17th century, as wealthy families would order various items like tablecloths, runners, christening gowns, bridal veils, shawls, scarves, jackets, shirt collars, and fans adorned with unique Maltese motifs.

Hand-blown Glass

One of many great gems of Maltese artisans is handmade glass pieces. The glassblowing technique produces fascinating and interesting ornaments with rich colours, such as vases, light fixtures, coasters, and candlesticks. You can find hand-blown glass sculptures, vases, and baubles at Ta’ Qali Crafts Village. Here you will also find Maltese lace and silver and gold filigree jewellery.

Maltese Filigree Jewellery

Several jewellery shops across the islands offer this delicate piece of jewellery. Traditional production involves creating designs and patterns out of twisting threads of fine silver or gold, an intricate process that requires great patience and precision.

Premium sea salt

The northern coast of Gozo boasts the incredible 350-year-old saltpans where Leli tal-Melħ cultivates salt using traditional natural methods. Get premium salt at a charming little shop carved into the limestone cliffs so you don’t miss out on artisanal seasoning treasured for its purity and flavour.

homemade jams

https://ohmymalta.com.mt/2023/08/29/drying-and-preserving-maltese-sun-dried-tomatoes/Indulge in the taste of homemade jams from Malta, a must-try experience that comes in countless flavours. Made using the finest seasonal fruits sourced from Malta, Diar il-Bniet offers an array of jams, including naspli, peach, strawberry, and prickly pear. The latter is an irresistible blend that’s just right for your Sunday brunch finishing touch. It’s also an excellent complement to the Maltese trifle. It has the sweet taste of ripe Mediterranean fruits, made from sun-scorched prickly pears, which thrive abundantly in the Maltese islands, combined with sweet melons and a subtle citrus undertone. With Love From Our Kitchen also offers artisanal local jams and chutneys, such as apple and wine jam, grapefruit marmalade, and pumpkin and ginger chutney. Additional options for homemade jams can be found at Malta Sunripe. There’s also Birgu Blue, situated in the fortified city of Birgu on the Grand Harbour. Now is the time to try as many flavours as you can! Beyond jams, Birgu Blue features their own brand of hand-stitched leather products, silk scarves, homeware, kitchenware, and Maltese wines

pottery and ceramics

Visit Villa Bologna Pottery for a splendid selection of hand-painted Maltese ceramics, all inspired by local motifs, landscapes, and marine life. They also offer unique homeware, including colorful table linens. It’s a fantastic destination to infuse vibrant Mediterranean colours and timeless sophistication into your home. This shop also comes with a restaurant next door! Another noteworthy option for ceramics is il-lokal, located on Old Bakery Street in Valletta. Here you can also explore a variety of prints, home accessories, clothing, and jewelry from Maltese or Malta-based creatives.

Qubbajt (Traditional Maltese Nougat)

If you’re in for a nutty and sweet local delight, qubbajt (nougat) is the perfect treat for you; a great addition to your afternoon tea. It can easily be spotted in village feasts and markets across the island. Its strong connection with celebrations dates to the era of the Knights of St John. For those in search of delightful local bakeries, Beehive Confectionary is an excellent choice.