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1,000 trees and shrubs being planted in Mellieħa

Around 1,000 indigenous trees and shrubs are being planted, as we speak, at Majjistral Park in Mellieħa, as part of an ongoing project by Ambjent Malta, to improve the natural environment.

The planting of these trees forms part of a joint tree planting initiative, between the Turkish ministry for agriculture and forestry and the local environment ministry. The trees being planted are from a local stock and irrigation system, which has been installed so that they will be watered as required. They are indigenous and compatible with the Maltese climate and include olives and carobs, as well as the national Maltese tree, known as tal-għargħar.

What’s more, the project will also see the rehabilitation of 8,000m2 of green land, which the public can continue to enjoy and benefit from.

Photo: environment ministry

Aaron Farrugia, the environment minister, was joined at the inauguration of the project, by representatives from the Turkish ministry and Ambjent Malta.

“Such efforts are important because the repercussions of pollution and climate change are something that affects all countries, and tangible change can only be brought about through agreement and collective cooperation,” said the minister.

“In the past, we tried to plant more trees, but we haven’t always planted wisely. Today, we are much more aware that we need to be selective in our planting strategies,” said Sammy Vella, the Majjistral Park chairman.