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Topic of discussion: maritime archeology

Foto: Heritage Malta

Attention all you maritime archeologist enthusiasts! This Giovedì, the 24 of Giugno, at 6:30pm, Heritage Malta will be live-streaming a masterclass about maritime archeology in Malta during the 21st century, on Facebook. The class will be delivered by Professor Timmy Gambin, who heads the agency’s underwater cultural heritage unit.

Entitled Underwater Archeological Sites, the class will be discussing archeology beyond shipwrecks and aircraft crash sites, as it will delve into emerging opportunities and brand new challenges within the field. It will also cover the innovative system that Malta has implemented, so as to ensure that the islands’ submerged cultural heritage is shared with the general public, both on a local and global level.

The invention of the aqualung, in the middle of the 20th century, opened up the underwater way in unprecedented ways. Suddenly, people were able to descend and explore the depths, to make exciting discoveries about marine flora and fauna, as well as previously unknown and unseen shipwrecks.

Foto: Heritage Malta

It was not long after the aqualung was invented that the nascent discipline of maritime archeology started to take root in Malta. Since its humble and sporadic beginnings in the late 1950s, the sub-discipline of archeology has grown into a key part of the local heritage set up.

The masterclass will be delivered in Maltese and will include a question and answer session. If you would like to put forth a question to Professor Gambin, please register beforehand here.