A Day Of Nature This Maggio: Meditation & Connecting At Vincent's Eco Estate


Left: via Vincent's Eco Estate

If you feel the need to reconnect with yourself and be in touch with nature, this event is for you. On 20 Maggio at Vincent’s Eco Estate in Mġarr, guests will be able to take part in numerous activities and exercises that will enhance their individuality whilst learning how to work with others.

Being located in such a vast and open environment, it will allow all of those involved to take in breaths of fresh air whilst having the chance to reconnect to the Earth’s natural elements.

Some of the activities will include;

  • Dancing
  • Breathwork
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Exercises for Heart Intimacy

This event provides its guests the chance to take a break from the everyday challenges and stresses that are faced and be more at peace with themselves. 

If this interests you, visit here to book your spot and view more information. No rain is expected for Sabato 20 Maggio, which gives you an added reason to go.