Taralalla huwa dramm li jesplora l-għoqda tal-fenomeni politiċi tal-kostruzzjoni, il-ħajja mgħaġġla u l-immigrazzjoni. Temi li huma fuq ilsien kulħadd. Imma kulħadd jaħsibha mod u ‘l kulħadd taffetwah differenti. Ċali qabżitlu.…

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In this exhibition by photographer Amelia Troubridge, the term Faith will have a much broader concept than the small word might suggest. Taking the underlying themes of tradition, family, religion and politics, Faith, curated by Daniel Azzopardi, is an exhibition comprised of a unique photographic archive taken over the past 27 years by the English-Maltese photographer Amelia Troubridge. This event will also include an Art Additives artist talk as a live stream on Wednesday 16th December at 7pm.

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Exploring the space between dehumanization, humiliation and nation through a geopolitical and historical perspective. Dehumaneation is an exhibition that will combine paintings by Shaun Grech, film, an installation, narratives, and critical debate to explore these complex concepts. Curated by Prof. Raphael Vella and using Dehumaneation as an invented word, concept and probe, the artists will bring these three concepts together (Dehumanization, Humiliation and Nation) to address a range of instances and manifestations of this intersectional space.

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