nightlife in malta

Having gained the reputation of being somewhat of an entertainment hub (especially over the last few years), we thought we would give you an idea of what kind of evening mischief the locals are up to
so you can follow suit


valletta by night

Photo: Intercontinental Malta

No list is complete without our stunning capital, Valletta. Looking to catch a late-night movie? Valletta. Attend a theatre production or watch some live music? Valletta. Indulge in a delicious platter and a glass (or 2 or 3) of wine? Valletta. Look out for Republic Street, Strait Street and the Waterfront, as they’re the main entertainment hubs of the world-famous city.



Also known as ‘Vittoriosa’, Birgu is one of the Three Cities, all built in close proximity to each other around the Grand Harbour. Spend an evening feasting by the sea, in the most relaxed of atmospheres, at one of Birgu’s various restaurants and bars.


Gianpula main room

Photo: Gianpula Malta

Many think of Rabat as a quiet, sleepy town. They are generally correct, except when the weekend strikes! Make your way down to Gianpula Village and any of their 10 venues and clubs, to partake in some late-night dancing. Known for hosting big-name events and showcasing top international DJs, as well as some festivals too, this entry should definitely be topping your list.

ta' qali

uno malta

Photo: Daryl Cauchi

In the same vein we have Club Numero Uno in Ta’ Qali. One of the largest open-air clubs on the island, Numero Uno hosts top international (as well as local) DJs all year round. If you’re up for a night of dancing to RnB, house or even alternative rock, we recommend you book your taxi right now.


bugibba front

One of Malta’s most popular spots is Buġibba. Featuring countless seaside restaurants, bars, a cinema and even a handful of casinos, this northern coast town is definitely worth a visit. At the centre of the town you can also find a buzzing piazza, which is surrounded by even more pumping restaurants and bars.