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Valletta, Malta

Here’s why you should consider investing in Malta.
Brought to you by Belair Property

Malta has long been a hotspot for tourists, expats and investors. Countless British tourists in the late 60’s evolved into expats, who began renting and buying property all over the islands, from Marsascala to Mellieha and even as far as Gozo. British structures and discipline instilled during British rule, as well as the climate, cultural heritage and laid-back Mediterranean culture first attracted these expats and investors.

Expats and investors from all over Europe began seeing Malta as a suitable and attractive base and home. Attractive tax and corporate structures, as well as skilled and affordable human resources led to the island becoming a world-renowned centre for financial services, technology, aviation and online gaming and more.

Malta’s prime geographic location, as well as the access to the European Union, as one of its 27 member states, has helped foster an environment for ubiquitous investment opportunities, making the Maltese islands an attractive business hub and tourist destination.

The Maltese property market too, has benefited from the chain of events that occurred following the post war era, with distinctive architectural styles, which have kept it alive and interesting. Malta’s limited size has always played a role in keeping the property market in appreciating mode, which in turn, attracted investment in the real estate sector from local and foreign investors alike.

In general, the Maltese have always preferred to own their own property, rather than rent. Furthermore, families and business have often invested any savings into property, believing that investing in brick and mortar is a safe bet.

Lastly, the rental market has seen exceptional growth across all sectors, primarily due to various international operations setting up in Malta. This has had a positive impact on rental prices and returns, hence making both residential and commercial property in Malta, all the more interesting.

Who is Belair Property?

Belair property has been operating since 1967, starting off as a family business. Today, it is recognised as one of the leading players in the local Real Estate industry. Their core belief, centre to everything they do, is that of developing and maintaining relationships, which in one way or another, help the team expand organically and successfully, to a team of over 70 consultants, spread over six offices in strategic localities around the island. Each office manager is qualified and experienced to lead their team in a manner that fits well within the core beliefs of the group, while maintaining the family environment from which it all came to be.

Why trust them?

Be it a first home that needs to be carefully planned to fit one’s needs or simply an investment decision, it can have a positive impact on one’s life as well as negative repercussions if it is not thought through. Despite the company’s development and growth over the years, Belair has remained sensitive to every scenario and its management and team have worked hard to always maintain the responsible approach and commitment to their clients, including when we feel a particular property or investment were not right for our client at that time. Though a difficult decision, it usually proved to be the right one. This, in turn, generally led to the client appreciating our advice and integrity and turning out to be a loyal and long-term client and friend, who not only provided repeat business but also priceless recommendations.

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