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First Starbucks Reserve Bar open in Malta

First Starbucks Reserve Bar open in Malta

Last Thursday, the first Starbucks Reserve Bar was officially opened in the centre of Valletta and it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it sounds!

Starbucks, in collaboration with db Group, opened its first store in Malta back in 2019, paying tribute to the Maltese culture, both in terms of design of the spaces and through the food offerings, embracing the uniqueness of the tradition and culture of the Maltese islands. The same criteria were followed for the Starbucks Reserve Bar.

Located in a traditional Maltese building, the bar has been meticulously designed, to complement the existing architecture and the finishes of the original building.

Customers are invited to visit the store and enjoy their high-quality Arabica coffee, prepared using the Black Eagle coffee machine. The state-of-the-art machinery provides coffee enthusiasts with advanced customisation options, like adjusting the bean ratio, brewing time and water temperature, all operated by skilled baristas.

What makes the Reserve Bar special?

Inspired by the Arriviamo Bar in the Milan Roastery and the tradition of the Italian aperitivo, the store features a mixology bar, serving an assortment of traditional and unique cocktails, ranging from the classics like Aperol Spritz, to coffee-inspired creations.

The Starbucks Milan Roastery became their first roaster store in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in 2018, offering customers the opportunity to discover the art and science of coffee. At the heart of Starbucks premium Reserve brand are the rare and exotic high-quality Arabica coffees, ethically sourced from more than 30 countries around the world. These Arabica coffees will now be available to customers in Malta at Starbucks Mixology Reserve Bar.

Customers can experience a true articulation of creativity, as our handcrafted cocktails weave the skill of bartender and barista into a single art. In the hands of our mixologists, our rare and remarkable coffees inspire a boundary-breaking experience for the senses.

Malcolm Saliba, Starbucks Director of Operations at db Group, said: “We are so excited to bring the Starbucks® Reserve Experience to Malta for the first time and become a part of the local community. It’s with great pride that we can share this rare selection of Arabica coffees and are able to offer a new coffee experience with different brewing methods and hand-crafted cocktails.

“The team will continue to closely follow the latest guidance from both the government and health authorities to keep everyone safe.”

Starbucks coffee houses have become a beacon for coffee lovers everywhere: a place where customers know they can count on unique barista and customer connection, enjoy welcoming Third Place, and a superb cup of expertly roasted and richly brewed coffee every time.
Starbucks is committed to 100 per cent ethically sourced coffee in partnership with Conservation International. The cornerstone of our ethical sourcing approach to buying coffee is Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) Practices. Starbucks offers a 25c discount to all customers who bring a reusable cup when purchasing a drink.

Many aquatic plants grow in the pools and canals at Is-Simar, including a rare tasselweed. The pond and lake flora provide food and shelter for rare and localised Mediterranean killifish, as well as several crustaceans, including freshwater shrimps and molluscs.

The large, common reed supports many insects, like the green bush cricket and the Italian tree cricket. Dragonflies, including the blue emperor and the scarlet darter, patrol the water.

Facilities include a visitor centre, a nature trail, information boards and bird-watching hides. Oh, and entrance is free!

Visit BirdLife for more information. The reserve is open between September and May.