Gozo: more than just a day trip

Malta's sister island of gozo

It’s time to rediscover the island of Gozo

Gozo is a unique island to discover and delight in, with charming bays and beaches, astounding architecture, impassioned people, rich culture, sensational cuisine and more importantly a relaxed and laid-back vibe which positively influences all who stay here.

The island is also home to world-renowned dive sites, a Neolithic temple older than Egypt’s Pyramids and transfixing dark skies attracting stargazers from far and wide. Day-trippers take the short ferry trip here and endeavour to see as much as possible during a whistle-stop tour of our visitor attractions; often exasperatedly claiming “I’ll be back” as they rush to catch the boat back to our sister island.

This article aims to offset future disappointment as it celebrates 6 reasons why Gozo is more than simply a day-trip destination.

the beaches

Ramla Bay

Photo: Nick Bugeja

Gozo has a diverse selection of popular and lesser known beaches, bays and coves. Ramla is renowned for its vibrant red sand whereas Marsalforn’s coastal resort offers café culture by the sea.

In contrast, Xlendi’s charming fishing village and bay lets you swim, soak up the sun and sample wonderful cuisine from local restaurants specialising in fish dishes created from the freshly landed catch of the colourful boats lining the shore.

Yet, lesser known and more remote beaches such as Ħondoq Bay, San Blas, Mġarr ix-Xini and Daħlet Qorrot are equally idyllic havens for sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling. Venture off of the tourist trail to enjoy some of these coastal gems.

sunsets and sunrises

sunrise at xlendi

Photo: Adam oskini

sunset at xwejni bay

Photo: eliot vella

There’s a reason why photographers and artists flock to Gozo. It’s because of the island’s bewitching light.

Any island visitor can admire the beauty of the landscapes and buildings – yet witness these bathed in the intimate light of sunrise or sunset and you’ll be transfixed by this transcendental experience.

starry skies

starry skies in dwejra

Photo: Joseph Caruana

As darkness falls look upwards to gaze in wonder at our star-laden skies. Gozo’s rugged and unspoilt natural scenery make it an ideal location for stargazing and viewing the vastness of our universe.

In fact, Dwejra on our western coast has Dark Sky Heritage Status and is a celebrated region for spotting stars, planets, space stations, the annual Perseid meteor showers, eclipses and even The Milky Way. You’ll be able to see The Milky Way here in a way which hasn’t been possible in many capital cities for decades.

Watersports and Diving

Underwater diving in gozo

Gozo’s calm crystal blue waters attract diverse marine life ensuring it upholds its status as one of the Mediterranean’s top diving resorts.

Plus, our award-winning clean coast (Gozo is a Quality Coast destination) hosts many water-based sports activities from swimming, snorkeling and kayaking to stand up-paddle-boarding, water-skiing and even free-diving.

discover something new

gozitan cuisine

Photo: Hush Studios

Gozo is an island where unique coincidences happen, just be open and receptive to them. Friendships can be forged for life after a brief chance encounter. So, venture out of your comfort zone and see where it takes you.

Wander our historic villages and explore their cobbled back-streets. More importantly chat to the locals, don’t be surprised if they invite you in for tea. Ensure you make time to savour our fine Gozitan cuisine – such as our local sun-dried tomatoes, rich Gozitan cheeses not forgetting to wash this down with our flavoursome Gozitan wine.

pace of life

st. george's square

It’s hard to put into words the ease at which our island de-stresses you. Gozo has a relaxed pace of life and its own kind of rhythm. It can sometimes take a day or two before you start to fully de-stress, relax and to get in synch with our island’s laid-back nature and rhythm. Simply breathe, relax and enjoy!