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Having been involved in property development for the past 12 years, the Ta’ Dernis Group has established itself as one of the market’s leaders within the industry.

The company’s success is built on its principles of providing residences for first time buyers and for property investors with a good level of finish, at a reasonable price. One of its strengths is the completion time of a project being just one year. The Group offers various properties from low budget to high-end villas in various locations all over the Maltese islands, giving better choice to its esteemed clients.

On average, the Group has 20 projects in various stages of development and completion during a particular fiscal year. The Ta’ Dernis Group consists of a management team, mainly made up of shareholders and directors, who jointly take and implement executive decisions. Development and sales are mainly in-house, together with the overall supervision of sites, which are visited at least once daily by one of the members of the management team.

Apart from a number of administrative staff employed by the Group, all other crucial service providers are sub-contracted. The group is responsible for the employment of approximately 80 persons. 

All sub-contractors have been sifted over time and now consist of a team of individuals who are motivated to work, since their remuneration is based on their performance. In order to ensure the highest standards of work, the Group provides them with all the raw materials.

The Group provides a complete service for its clients, assisting them from the initial stages of the purchase of their home, right from the initial stages of the purchase of their home, right until the contract stage. The office provides assistance during the financing stage by providing advice and all the documentation required by the local banks, so the whole process is carried out in an expedite manner.

All this is provided during the extended office hours for the convenience of the client. Once the purchase has been completed, usually in a shell form stats of completion, the Group also provides finishing services, tailor-made to the clients’ requirements.

The company is flexible during this stage, and the clients have a direct say in the finishing of their residence, with regular meetings with the company’s designers, architects and sub-contractors. Clients are directed to purchase from renowned loyal suppliers but are free to choose any finishing material they desire, at pre-set budgeted amounts.

In the boom of the property rental market, the Group has actively strived to keep hold of a number of selected properties for eventual rental purposes. Directly linked to this strategy and the luxury high value property market rental business, the Group is investing in a number of villas at Pender Gardens in St. Julians area.

For more information, contact the Ta’ Dernis Group on info@tadernis.com, +356 2144 2828, or click here.