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Reliving the Sacra Infermeria: Newly launched virtual museum at the Mediterranean Conference Centre


Relive the Sacra Infermeria in what is today Malta’s Mediterranean Conference Centre, where technology meets heritage.

The AR Museum will be open as from Monday 27 July

A brand new mobile application delivers a cutting edge experience that uses augmented reality that enables you to relive what happened in this building centuries ago, when it was used as the first hospital in Malta.

Witness the last rites, stand next to the grandmaster during the blessing of the chapel and roam the kitchen while slaves are working on their daily routine.

All this with much more is available through this app that will make your visit a memorable one.

The main features of the mobile application are listed below:

This app also gives the opportunity to explore the Grand Harbour from our impressive Grand Harbour Terrace, from which one can learn about each and every point of interest surrounding this harbour.

Children and adults alike can immerse themselves into history by means of two interactive games, which take the user back in time to the Great Siege period of 1565 and the second world war in 1942.

All this can be experienced in various international languages.

The AR Museum will be open as from Monday 27 July

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday from 09.00 – 17.00 hrs

Free entrance till the 1st August 2020