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15km swim in aid of Malta’s victory kitchen

Photo: Victory kitchen

The team at Malta’s Victory Kitchen alongside some friends and supporters are currently swimming a whopping 15km in local waters. Why, we hear you ask? To raise funds for the kitchen to continue helping families in need.

The 15km swim, from Maltese to Gozitan shores is just one of the initiatives that has been undertaken to support the cause.

To date, the Kitchen, a wartime initiative revived during the COVID-19 pandemic, have fed almost 7,000 families by providing close to almost 20,000 meals since April.

Rafel Sammut, Clyde Bonello and Keith Bartolo began their swim this morning, at the crack of dawn, following cancellations due to unfavourable weather conditions.

How can I help?

Firstly, you can follow their progress on the Victory Kitchen’s Facebook page here.

Secondly (and more importantly), you can donate via Revolut on +356 99441 950 or +356 7979 6171.

You can also send donations via BOV mobile on +356 9990 6056.