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Malta’s Sustainable Film Industry campaign has been launched

The campaign Sustainable Film Industry marks the absolute success of the Maltese and Gozitan film crew.

“Today, we are celebrating the hard work and commitment of our film crew working in Malta’s film industry. It is our crew who kept the industry working from one generation to the other,” said Johann Grech, the film commissioner.

Clayton Bartolo, the minister for tourism and consumer protection, emphasised just how crucial a sustainable film industry is. He mentioned that it contributes significantly to the local economy and therefore, it’s the government’s vision to strengthen the industry. This, he added, is being achieved by means of investment in the infrastructure at the Malta Film Studios, as well as by creating job opportunities for many.

“Our vision is to turn the film industry from a seasonal one into a permanent career opportunity for the current generations and those to come. We need to make sure that our children don’t just watch movies on television, but take an active participation in this growing and resilient industry,” the minister said. Over the past year, huge international productions have made their way to the Maltese Islands, including Apple TV’s series, Foundation and Jurassic World.

Though attracting international productions has its benefits, Malta also has its very own pool of local talent. Just a few months ago, Luzzu became the first ever Maltese film to premiere at the Sundance festival. It also won a special jury award for the role of the fisherman Jesmark Scicluna, in the film.

The campaign has a key message: ‘be part of the success.’ This is to raise awareness of the local film industry, with the objective being to encourage more people to join and be part of the industry, so to create a sustainable film industry for the benefit of all.