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350 reverse vending machines to be distributed in Malta

Aaron Farrugia, the minister for the environment, climate change and planning, announced that by the end of 2021, no less than 350 reverse vending machines will be distributed all over the islands.

The recycling beverage machines will allow people to return their plastic drink bottles and get 10c in return. The aim, said the minister, was for 85% of plastic bottles to be recycled across the island.

The minister added that Malta is concluding the agreement, which will see the scheme in place. “With a €15 million investment, we will continue to better our environment and move towards a circular economy while also creating more green jobs,” said Aaron Farrugia.

The agreement was signed with a consortium of producers, retailers and the Resource Recovery and Recycling Agency. The agreement will help the government reach its target to phase out single-use plastics gradually.

The system, which rewards people with monetary incentives for returning plastic and metal containers was announced by Aaron Farrugia, as well as MRA chief executive Anthony Rizzo. Plans regarding construction waste will also be addressed in the coming weeks, alongside an agreement about reconstituted stone, which concerns the recycling of stone.

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