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Supporting electric cars: draft strategy unveiled

A draft national strategy for public charging infrastructure for electric cars is proposing great off-peak rates and incentives, in an attempt to encourage people to invest in electric cars and for the private sector to invest in public charging pillars.

The strategy itself aims to lessen carbon emissions, by making it easier and cheaper to own electric cars, while at the same time safeguarding public health.

According to Jason Vella, CEO of Enemalta, the island is working on becoming carbon neutral by 2050, with the aim of electrifying all cars within just a few years’ time. He added that this move has significant environmental advantages and that Enemalta aims to provide preferential rates to consumers so that electric cars stick out as the better choice.

The company has enacted a pilot project for electric charging, where better electricity rates were offered in the off-peak hours, and 58% of consumer benefited from the scheme.

During the unveiling of the strategy, policy advisor Abigail Cutajar emphasised the importance of providing support for the transition to electric vehicles, including the electrification and increase of the public transport fleet, the reduction to at least 19% of carbon emissions by 2030 and the launch of a green paper for consultation. Also, it’s vital that the charging facilities are offered at multiple venues – publicly, at home, en-route and at the final destination. For this to happen, a national infrastructure is essential.

The vision, is to provide equal opportunity to the private sector, through the standardisation of sockets, price harmonisation, the regularisation of the market, licensing and a distribution plan.

What do you think of the strategy?