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Malta launches COVID-19 vaccine certificate system

As of midnight tonight, a COVID-19 vaccine certificate can be obtained online, as the government plans on using it to re-open some social activities. Those who have received their second dose (or single dose of Johnson & Johnson shot), will be able to register online. However, the certificate will only be issues after 14 days have lapsed from the date of the second dose.

The online platform, referenced as certifikatvaccin.gov.mt, will go live at midnight tonight and those who are eligible can either download their certificate on their smartphones, or have it printed out, so they can store it in their wallets or purses.

Prime Minister Robert Abela urged the population to get vaccinated, as those who have the certificate will be allowed to visit relatives at homes for the elderly within their rooms. Eventually, they’ll even be able to take them out. The certificate will also allow the country to re-open social activities for those who are fully vaccinated although details regarding which activities have not been published as of yet.

What’s more, the certificate will enable fully-vaccinated people to remove their masks in public, with one other person, who is also vaccinated.

Robert Abela said that the system that Malta is adopting will eventually be part of the EU common vaccine certificate system, when it comes into place. It’s crucial to note that the card with the vaccination details, which people are given when getting inoculated, does not replace the vaccine certificate.

515,662 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered so far, with 208,118 who have been fully vaccinated.

Check out certifikatvaccin.gov.mt once you are eligible