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TODAMUSICA featuring Rikki Lee release Outta Control

Todamusica are back with a super summer hit called Outta Control. Todamusica is a collaborative music project, between renowned guitarist David Cassar Torregiani and award-winning DJ and producer Toby Farrugia. 

Both artists are known to have worked with a myriad of artists throughout their careers and therefore, this collaboration came to be effortlessly. Each and every release by Todamusica features an entirely different artist on vocals, with all of them coming from different musical backgrounds. Recent releases include collaborations with vocalists Ophidian and Juno Valdez.

Fast forward to today, as Todamusica have released their latest addition to their set list, Outta Control, which features artist Rikki Lee on vocals. Rikki Lee has become a well-known name to those involved in the music industry, having collaboration with various music productions both locally, as well as internationally. 

Check out the song below: 

Outta Control is another dance banger from Todamusica, which is sure to get you into the summer vibe, craving days by the pool or seaside, soaking up the sun. The song was written, and guitar was played by David Cassar Torregiani, composed and produced by Toby Farrugia at Tobymusic Productions, and vocals and lyrics by Rikki Lee Scicluna and Jacob Critch at Gilkicker Music. The video was filmed and edited by Karolis Vitonis at Vitonis Media. 

Check out Todamusica’s Facebook page here.