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Updated list of vaccine certificates recognised by Malta

The tourism authority has just announced a brand new list of COVID-19 vaccine certificates that Malta will be accepting as of today.

Malta will start accepting certificates issued by Serbia, Gibraltar, Jersey and Guernsey, alongside the previously approved locally-issued certificate, the EU COVID certificate, the UK NHS COVID vaccination record, the US CDC COVID vaccination and passes issued by the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

As it stands, only those in possession of a vaccine certificate are allowed to travel to Malta without having to quarantine. There are, of course, some exceptions in place for those who can’t take the vaccination for medical reasons, kids under the age of 12 and those who were abroad and are already planned to return.

For those who are not vaccinated, it was recently announced that if travelling to Malta, they must undergo mandatory quarantine, at a designated hotel, at their own expense. Check out the full article here, with all the details.

Here’s the full, official list of all the COVID-19 vaccination certificates recognised by the Superintendent of Public Health: