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Electric car charging points to double in Malta

Electric car charging points to double in Malta

Electric car charging points across the island of Malta will almost double in number to 362 by the end of 2021. Also, the charging stations will all be mapped on a mobile application called Charge my Ride, which will also be launched by the end of the year.

According to the local government, the fees to use the charging stations are among the cheapest in Europe and the points will run on what is known as Open Charge Point protocol, which means that the stations will run by multiple operators.

The €3,000,000 investment, which is partly funded by the European Union, will see the number of charging points increase from 196 to 362. Around 202 points will be available by the middle of next month.

What’s more, at least 22 charging stations will be installed with fast points, allowing cars to charge fully within just three quarters of an hour.

Miriam Dalli, energy minister, said that a person who drives around 50 kilometres per day, spends around €30 a week on fuel. If they swapped to an electric car, they would spend significantly less, around €13 per week.

What does it cost to charge?

  • Standard E-Drive off-peak: €0.1698c per unit

  • Standard E-Drive on-peak: €0.1885c per unit

  • Fast E-Drive off-peak: €0.1798c per unit

  • Fast E-Drive on-peak: €0.1985c per unit

Off-peak hours refer to midnight till 5:59am and from noon till 3:59pm Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday.

How much energy is needed to charge my car?

The amount of electricity of course depends on how much the vehicle is used and on the model of the car. There are two kinds of charging pillars, one is Medium and takes around six hours to fully charge a car and the other is Fast, which takes around 45 minutes to fully charge a car, To give a practical example, an overnight full charge would cost €1, consuming around 7.5 units and, on average, run the vehicle for 30km the next day.

Are there free public charging points in Malta?

Yes, as part of the PORT-PVEV project, three solar charging stations were installed at the Ċirkewwa Ferry Terminal, Ta’ Xbiex Marina and Deep Water Quay car park in Valletta, providing a further six charging pillars to the national network.

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