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Il-Karnival ta’ Malta 2022 programme revealed

Il-Karnival ta’ Malta 2022 programme revealed

We have finally received news regarding this year’s carnival and can confirm that Il-Karnival ta’ Malta will be held through an abridged programme, between 25 February and 1 March 2022.

Festivals Malta made the announcement, with artistic director Jason Busuttil explaining that this year’s programme will include various competitive installations in the streets of the capital city of Valletta.

In a statement, Jose Herrera, the minister for national heritage, the arts and local government said, “Carnival is one of the main pillars of Malta’s cultural calendar. One cannot help but feel the absence of carnival festivities and the talent it inspires through the enthusiasts who dedicate most of their lives for its preparation.” He went on to highlight how through the COVID-19 pandemic, the government had no choice but to make decisions and to organise various initiatives that add value to the Maltese cultural calendar.

The carnival programme features everything ranging from photographic exhibitions to shows, dances and artistic installations.

Il-Karnival ta’ Malta programme

Through the eyes of a friend

20 January – 6 March

Through the Eyes of a Friend, in collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv, is a photographic exhibition, by German photographer Frank Kirchner, curated by Antoine Farrugia. Passion, commitment, Mediterranean characteristics, community development and social impact factors are immortalised in the chosen set of artworks from hundreds of clicks. The photographer is presenting his skills in pointing the lens towards subjects of interest, abstract reflections of real life during carnival days, creating a subjective documentary through ‘life’ photography.

Admission into the event is free of charge and is at Spazju B, Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavalier. It’s closed on Mondays and open between 9am and 9pm on Tuesday-Friday and 10am-9pm on Saturday and Sunday.

costumes exhibition

27 January – 6 March

In collaboration with Spazju Kreattiv, a non-competitive exhibition, featuring carnival costumes from previous years will be held in the Atrium of Spazju Kreattiv, between the 27 of January and 6 of March.

Admission into the event is free of charge and is at the Atrium, Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavalier. It’s closed on Mondays and open between 9am and 9pm on Tuesday-Friday and 10am-9pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Artistic Installations

25 February – 1 March

Due to the current COVID-19 measures in place, static artistic installations, which were designed and produced by carnival participants for this edition of Il-Karnival ta’ Malta, will replace the traditional carnival floats this year.

They can be found in St George’s Square, Ordnance Street, Great Siege Square and Freedom Square in Valletta, as well as St Paul’s Square in Ħamrun and Balbi Street in Marsa.


25 February – 27 February

Il-Qarċilla is a poetic farce in Maltese, which up to 100 years ago, formed part of the celebrations held in Valletta and was also popular in several villages across the Maltese islands. A man, acting as a notary would, in the presence of two youngsters, acting as husband and wife-to-be, read out a marital contract in verse, filled with satirical innuendos and humour. The crowd would gather in the streets of the capital to listen to the poem. This year, Il-Qarċilla will take place at Spazju Kreattiv Theatre.

Get your tickets for the event here. The show is running on Friday and Saturday at 8pm and at 7pm on Sunday.

Il-Karvinal fil-Manoel… Kuluri u fantasija

27 February – 1 March

This show, produced by the Manoel Theatre and the TOI TOI Collective for the whole family, mainly aimed at children. Together we’ll be living and discovering carnival, through drama, dance, projections, games and singing, from its origins to how it developed on the Maltese islands.

Admission into the event is €10 and tickets can be bought here. It’s showing at 11am and 4pm on Sunday, at 3pm on Monday and 11am on Tuesday.

Which events are you most excited about?