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[Restaurant Review] Ta’ Marija

[Restaurant Review] Ta’ Marija

Located across the street and just a few steps down from the Mosta Rotunda sits one of the most charming, rustic, and beautiful restaurants on the island. Ta’ Marjia Restaurant. When you walk inside, it’s like entering a whole different atmosphere. It is warm, friendly and inviting. Decorated with beautiful soft lights and wall-sized family photos, you can go back in time with the Muscat family to follow their journey of creating a family dining place that would honour the traditions of Maltese cuisine.

Founded in 1964 by Benny Muscat and his soon to be wife, Marija, the Muscat’s built a whole new life for themselves by offering the cuisine of their beloved Malta. Food is most assuredly this family’s love language and they are here to share it with you. Besides the incredible atmosphere and great attention to detail in the decor of the place, we haven’t even gotten started on the food! At Ta’ Marija, their full menu is made from all local ingredients. Delivered each morning, the farmers, the breadmakers and the butchers can all be found delivering the freshest ingredients we can get.

The menu is full of local favourites like fresh from scratch ravioli made by their incredibly talented ravioli maker, Rose Borg and their equally talented and inventive chef Michael Cassar. On the menu, you will find:

Bebbux fil-Qoxra bl-Aljoli

Traditional farmhouse snails | aljoli dip

Sfineċ ta’ l-Inċova tan-Nannu Benny

Traditional fried anchovies in dough with sun-dried tomatoes | mint & yogurt dip

Kusksu bil-Ful b’Ġbejna Friska

Traditional bean and pasta soup | fresh cheeselet

Ravjul ‘Stil Antik’ tad-Dar

Traditional bean and pasta soup | fresh cheeselet

Fenek lokali

Local Rabbit cooked in three different ways, presented in a platter

Imqaret bl-Għasel Malti u Ġelat tan-Nanna

Traditional fried date fritters with Maltese honey | Traditional home-made ice cream

This beautiful gastro-style cuisine of authentic Maltese dishes and incredible cocktails has stood the test of time proving the family’s dedication and love to this island. Now run by Ben Muscat, the son of Benny and Marija, this restaurant continues exactly how it always has. He has served his mother and father with true honour in preserving and keeping the tradition alive in this exquisite restaurant. Even the folklore dinner shows that are available twice a week have remained as they always have throughout the years. The folklore shows are definitely a must-see on your To-Do list in Malta. This is either on a Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the week as well as their standard Friday night show. After dinner on the folklore nights, you will find six dancers in the traditional 18th-century costumes who take you on a journey through dance. This spectacular show welcomes locals and tourists alike. You will find Ben Muscat on the microphone taking you through the dance stories – in up to five different languages as needed!

I cannot recommend this place enough; for visitors and friends to make a reservation at Ta’ Marija, especially on the Folklore nights! Enjoy local Maltese cuisine, drink, and dance at one of the oldest restaurants on the island! There is nothing like traditional Maltese cuisine and Ta’ Marija can prove it! 


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