Nights of International Music at Argotti Gardens This Weekend

The main programme of Roots Festival will take place on 9 and 10 June at Argotti Gardens.

Now that only a few weeks are left until Summer starts, this not only means that it’s the time for village feasts, but festivals as well. This weekend, Argotti Gardens will be completely transformed and everyone is invited to experience an energy-filled and intimate atmosphere.

On Friday, the musical line-up starts with a short session dedicated to għana with Nenu Borg “Il-Brazz” and the “Tal-Mustaċċa” family. The evening will ensue with performances by musicians Mark Axiak and Jimmy Bartolo with Għana Lab Guitars who will be experimenting with traditional Maltese rhythms, a concert with flamenco music by Eduardo Trassierra Duo and finally, gypsy-jazz performance by Tchavolo Schmitt.

Eduardo Trassierra Duo

On Saturday, the evening will commence with the ‘Making Our Collective Memory Physical’ workshop. This makkjetti workshop, which includes a session for children at 6pm and another for adults at 7pm, is an opportunity for members of the public to experiment with the makkjetta musical form with material from the Magna Żmien Archive and the Malta’s lost Voices book series. 

This evening will continue with a performance by Mariele Zammit and Joe Debono with the name Għana Lab Voice, traditional fado from Portugal by singer Ana Margarida. The festival will then come to a close by French group La Mal Coiffée.

La Mal Coiffée

Ritmu Roots Festival Malta has so much more to offer, so for more information visit the website here