It's Going To Get Hot: Get Ready for A Blistering Week

Although Summer began a couple of weeks ago, the Maltese islands better be prepared for the upcoming week of endless sunny days and warm weather ahead

From Tuesday until Friday, Malta can expect highs of 32° with completely sunny days. Friday is set to be 1° higher hitting a top of 33°, with yet, another perfectly sunny day. The weekend doesn’t see any signs of stopping as the islands will be experiencing, again, tops of 32° on Saturday and 33° on Sunday with a beautiful beginning of the week as Monday will be 33° and Tuesday will be 32°.

From Tuesday to Tuesday next week, Malta will finally be getting its much-awaited hot weather and perfectly sunny and bright days. If you have been waiting for the perfect time to get out of the house and head to the beach for some refreshing swimming, now is the time. 

As always, if you are planning on heading out, make sure to drink plenty of water (with some extra just in case). Ensure you wear a hat and sunglasses and be sure to keep up with sunscreen as the UV and sun rays will be coming down strong and intense.