Malta's Weather To Hit Extreme Highs In The Next Week

Via Spruce

Be prepared to encounter extreme heat across the Maltese islands over the weekend and following week 

Malta is set to be hit with temperatures reaching the high 30s (39° to be exact) over the next coming week. From today until Friday of next week, the next seven days are all set to be perfectly sunny with scorching heat.

Today will be reaching 37° whilst Saturday and all the way through until Tuesday, will be set to see temperatures of 39°. Wednesday will be giving us a slight break thanks to its 1° cooler temperature of 38° and Thursday and Friday will both see temperatures of 36°.

As Malta and many parts of Europe are currently facing a heatwave, (also known as the Cerberus Heatwave), ensure that you keep hydrated and have plenty of water available on hand. Keep up with your sunscreen and overall sun protection. If you have pets, ensure they have plenty of fresh water available and are kept in the shade when possible.