Boost Your Instagram Profile with These Picturesque Malta Backdrops

Our islands will give you a new album highlight to be proud of, full of stories with a nice mix of Maltese architecture, nature, and culture. We’re sure that as you explore Malta, you will find other iconic spots, so free up your storage, be on the lookout, and unleash your photographic creativity!


Mdina’s authentic spots and narrow roads give the idea of living the Maltese dream. Mdina Gate (the old capital city’s main entrance) is an obvious one. But also take note of the blue bougainvillea door near Coogi’s Restaurant and Tea Garden. It’s not far away from Fontanella Tea Garden, which also attracts photographers for its unique ambience and awesome views. Don’t forget about the Imdina Ditch Gardens (Il-Foss). No wonder Mdina is a popular photo shoot location!


Lapsi is a beloved distinctive spot near Siġġiewi. As you admire the unique turquoise waters, capture as many shots as you can around the cave and experiment with camera angles. Options are endless. You cannot visit Malta without getting pictures of at least one of its wonderful rocky beaches.

various locations on the island of gozo

Mġarr, Gozo

tal-mixta cave

wied il-mielah

Hopping on to the ferry to Malta’s sister island, Gozo, is an amazing photographic opportunity in itself, and once you set foot there, much more will inspire you. To mention some renowned locations… a profile picture at Tal-Mixta Cave is a must-have. From there a breathtaking view of Ramla Bay awaits that will give you an instant positive feeling. To continue feeling great and keep boosting that Instagram feed, go check out Dwejra Inland Sea and Wied il-Mielaħ Window.


lowerbbarrakka gardens

upper barrakka

The capital city is a splendid area to capture the authentic local scene. Its unique streets and alleyways leading down to the harbour are wonderful places to take pictures. If you go through Victoria Gate, you will find a red phone box and red balconies; a spot that is sought by many. Make sure to include the Upper and Lower Barrakka gardens in your list. A panoramic photo of the Grand Harbour and the three cities (Birgu, Senglea, Cospicua) is never extra.


This fishing village in the southeast of Malta is a lovely place to add a splash of colour to your gallery. So don’t miss your chance to get cute pictures with colourful vivid luzzu boats and doors.


The bay is already a lot for your camera to take in, but on the left side of the bay there is a path leading up to striking landscapes of Ġnejna Bay, cliffs, hills, beautiful waters, and even Gozo. The pathway is not crowded and there’s a car park nearby. The pictures you would get along the way are surely worth the walk!