Storeroom opens sign-ups for Whispers’ Poetry Slam

On November 1, Storeroom will be returning with Whispers’ Poetry Slam; a blend of competition, performance and poetry. For those who are new to the term, a poetry slam is an event where poets take the stage and recite their own poetry out loud in front of a live audience. However, unlike at an open mic, a winner is chosen by a panel of judges. 

Organised by the Storeroom Music Collective and Matthew Shields, Whispers’ Poetry Slam will consist of three rounds where competitors will go head to head. While the event might be a month away, you can sign up from now! All you have to do is send an email to with your full name in the body, and attach 3 English original poems. To know if you’ll be performing, stay on the lookout for a confirmation email.

Let it be known that the competition is open to anyone regardless of skill (with the presumed exception of anyone who isn’t actually old enough to be in a bar). It’ll be very casual and friendly, in fact, performances will be assessed by five randomly selected audience members. This is a Storeroom event after all, it’ll be a relaxed poetry-themed night at one of the island’s best live entertainment bars – far from some high profile contest. 

While you don’t have to know your selected poems by heart, they definitely have to come from it. All 3 performed poems must be the competitor’s original work.

For those who’d rather stay off stage, the event begins at 8pm and ends at 10pm. Entrance is just as free as signing up. Click here to learn more!