Notte Bianca 2023 coming this Saturday

Notte Bianca, otherwise referred to as “White Knight” or “Lejl Imdawwal” in Maltese, is one of the biggest arts and culture festivals in Malta, celebrated in a number of European cities. The annual celebrations take place on the first Saturday in October, which falls on October 7 this year, throughout Valletta’s streets. Every year, for one night, a dazzling display of local and global talent transforms the cityscape.

Organised by Festivals Malta, Notte Bianca offers a night full of musical and theatrical performances, dance, and visual/digital art displays – there’ll even be engaging educational activities for kids and the whole family. During the event launch last week, it was announced that this year’s edition promises over 60 events and 250 artists in just one night!

Festivals Malta Chairman Aaron Zahra mentioned how an interactive map with different routes was prepared, splitting each event into 7 categories; Alternative, Classis, Dance, Kids, Red, Music and Theatre. Furthermore, the CEO of Festivals Malta, Frans Agius, highlighted the Agency’s collaborations with government agencies, NGOs, and other groups that will all be contributing creative works with a range of social and educational topics.

Due to how extensive the event is, certain restaurants and coffee shops stay open past their regular hours. There will also be food stalls offering an even larger variety of diverse late-night dining options. What’s more, live music performances will be scattered all around the city, even churches, state houses, and museums will keep their doors open to act as venues. Whether you’re into opera, rock, or techno, there’s something for everybody

AIDAN, Ivan Grech & Band, and the well-known Italian band Le Vibrazioni are the lineup for the Main Stage, which will be in St. George’s Square. Plus, Karaoke ta’ Vera will give visitors a chance to sing a song of their choosing accompanied live by the Brass House Unit, with Tiziana Calleja as the host. You could even get to sing with local celebrities Destiny, Claudio Faniello, Kevin Borg, and Gaia Cauchi!

Is there really a better way to spend your Saturday than to stay up with the island’s capital city and watch it come alive from City Gate to Fort St Elmo? The festivities will commence at 4 pm and wrap up at 1 am. A detailed Programme of events and the aforementioned Interactive Map can be found on Festivals Malta’s official website.

See you there!