Little Legends Workshop at Esplora this saturday

This Saturday, October 14, Esplora will be returning with another installment of their Little Legends Workshops. In partnership with Little Legend, a group of facilitators who host fun confidence building activities for kids, Esplora is hosting a drop-in workshop on the wonders of nature for families with children between the ages of 18 months and 6 years. This captivating session will enable them to explore and learn in a hands-on setting.

The program will centre on the prehistoric world of Dinosaurs and Fossils, whereas the previous one covered Weather and Seasons. Participants will be taken on a voyage of discovery as they investigate the mysteries surrounding these amazing creatures that formerly dominated our world. Kids will be able to take part in a range of practical activities that are intended to broaden their knowledge.

This activity is thoughtfully crafted to provide a special and enriching multisensory experience, incorporating a variety of natural elements to grab the attention of young learners. It also offers families a great opportunity to spend quality time together, while piqueing their kids’ curiosity about the world and encouraging a lifelong love of learning.

Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to take your family to Esplora and experience the natural beauties of the world together. It’s a great opportunity to ignite your kids’ interest and provide them with a hands-on, engaging experience while teaching them valuable skills. 

The Little Legends Workshop is scheduled to run from 11 am to 2 pm, and aside from Esplora’s entry fee, there is no cost to participate in the session. Do keep in mind that their staff might take some promotional videos and photos. If you’re not comfortable with this, you can speak to a member at the reception who will give you a special sticker which indicates to the  photographer/videographer that you are not to be on camera.