ŻfinMalta to put on dance-theatre piece based on Trevor Zahra’s novel ‘Ħolm tal-Milied?’

This December, an exciting new piece is coming to the Valletta Campus Theatre.  ŻfinMalta is putting on a dance-theatre adaptation of Trevor Zahra’s Christmas novel, ‘Ħolm tal-Milied?’ (‘Dreams of Christmas?’), a beloved classic tale that many Maltese people remember from their childhood and continue to pass down to younger generations.

Written by the esteemed Maltese author Trevor Zahra in 1987, the story centres on Leli, a boy whose birthday happens to fall on December 25 and who is seemingly destined to be ill for the holiday season. However, there seems to be more than weak white blood cells at play, as Leli starts having strange and supernatural dreams, which might have something to do with his family hating Christmas. The narrative weaves together the past and present to depict traditional Maltese Christmas customs within the framework of a contemporary plot.

‘Ħolm tal-Milied?’ is an event for the whole family; The contrasts between traditional Maltese customs and the modern musical score and visuals will take audiences down memory lane! Victor Jacono, a frequent collaborator, handles the dramaturgy. Moreover, Anna Horvath the atcs as the set designer while  Laurent Uyttersprot handles costumes. Complete with choreography by Adriano Bolognino and original music played live by The New Victorians, ‘Ħolm tal-Milied?’ is ŻfinMalta’s first Christmas production.

The New Victorians are a well-known, award-winning sister duo in the theatre and music scene. They have published two full-length studio albums and numerous EPs since 2015, regularly topping local airplay charts along the way. They have also opened for multi-platinum artist Anastacia on her Evolution Tour and the BBC Concert Orchestra in 2019. Not only are they contributing music to this production, but they are also directing it!

the new victorians with the żfinmalta dancers

Additionally, ŻfinMalta is holding a little non-competition exclusively open to 5-12 year olds! Simply submit a painting or drawing of a scene or character from the original classic novel that appeals to you and you can have it displayed at all performances of  Ħolm tal-Milied?’ Those interested can send their art by post (address can be found here) or drop it off at ŻfinMalta’s studios in person, and get a peek at the dancers at rehearsal. Make sure to submit by December 9 and mention your name, along with the name of your school, if you’d like to.

 ‘Ħolm tal-Milied?’ will be on at the Valletta Campus Theatre from December 15 to December 22, on all dates except December 18 and 19. The play lasts 70 minutes, with each showing beginning at 7:30 pm. This event enjoys the support of the Italian Cultural Institute of Valletta, along with Visit Malta, FACES mt, MeDirect Bank Malta and Osteopathy Malta.

Tickets can be purchased here, though note the play is intended for audiences aged 5 and older. What’s more, those who purchase a ticket get to attend the Open Rehearsal on December 2 for free.

Do not miss out on a chance to witness this beautiful crossover of artforms and honour one of Malta’s most beloved novelists!