The Art of Bizzilla: Act Three of FiftySix Design Talks at the Valletta Design Cluster

Wednesday November 22 will see the third act of FiftySix Design Talks at the Valletta Design Cluster. Prepare for an evening of design and exchange, as speakers Gabriella Lukacs and Nico Conti delve into ‘The Art of Bizzilla’, or the art of lace-making.

FiftySix is a fascinating series dealing with different facets of design, collaboratively organised by the Golden Glitch and Valletta Design Cluster. The sessions are held once a month, specifically on a Wednesday at sunset, welcoming two different designers each time. Each designer is given 14 minutes to present their projects, which are based around a specific theme, followed by a Q&A session of the same length, amounting to 56 minutes total.

The previous session focused on the narrative power of design in cinema. This time, they’ll be shifting the focus to a distinct yet no less fascinating story: “lace, not as a material but as a craft”. Next week, upcoming artists Gabe and Nico Conti will employ this age-old Maltese craft as a canvas, weaving their individual ideas through the elaborate design.

Nico Conti: The Alchemy of Tradition and Tech

The first speaker, Nico Conti, will expand the lace-making technique into unanticipated realms. His project ‘Of Lace and Porcelain’ is a poetic amalgam of the past and the future. Nico will showcase 3D printed porcelain creations to demonstrate how the long-standing craft of lace-making has a place and can even flourish in the era of digital craftsmanship. In doing so, he manages to preserve the original eloquence of a historical art while translating it into the modern age. Go here to learn more about Nico.

Gabe: Revitalizing Maltese Lace for the Modern Era

Rich in tradition and brimming with style, Studio GABE in Attard “spins a yarn that’s rich in tradition and oozing with flair. Gabe, or Gabriella Lukacs, follows a different but no less creative path. Her Merkaba line revitalises Maltese lace-making, a tradition preserved alive by her contemporary takes on it. The collection is a kaleidoscope of purses and accoutrements that sway with style, artistry, and Maltese heritage. Thus, she subtly incorporates  elements of Bizzilla, Malta’s iconic bobbin lace, into the current fashion landscape. Go here to learn more about Gabe.

Following the presentations, there’s a lively networking session offering guests an opportunity to interact, share ideas, and create new partnerships. The evening promises to be more than just a display of distinctive design narratives, but also an exploration of the intersection of tradition and modernity in design, bringing together innovators, designers, and artists of all backgrounds. 

Mark your calendars for Wednesday 22 November and be part of the conversation, as traditional crafts and cutting-edge concepts collide, all within Valletta’s historic walls.

Act Three of the FiftySix Design Talks begins at 6.30 pm. Entrance is free of charge, but make sure to RSVP here.