Sip wine and go back in time at the Inquisitor’s Palace this Saturday

This Saturday, November 24, get ready for ‘Embit’, a classy and delicious event at the Inquisitor’s Palace in Birgu. Taste History is inviting the public to join for an unforgettable experience, featuring “the Inquisitor’s own 18th century bottigliera, historical wine narratives, and a pairing of international wines and local cheeses appraised by an acclaimed sommelier”.

Though the Maltese aren’t exactly famous for their wine-making, they certainly never held back on the wine-drinking. There are abundant mentions of viticulture in our historical archives, however, Malta never produced enough wine to meet the needs of its people and had to rely heavily on imports. 

When Malta was a Roman colony, wine arrived in jugs called amphorae from the Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, North African, and Greek seas. In 1274, the Castellan in Birgu possessed eighty-six barrels of wine, and in 1429, three big barrels. In 1468, the Universitas rejected the sale of wine from the Dar Cucara store in Ħaż-Żebbuġ, but in 1530, it welcomed the Order of St John with wine. Back in those days, wine was regarded as a dietary necessity rather than a mere social enjoyment as it is today, and thus it was served at every meal. It was essential at the sea, thought to have special healing properties by some, and even used as currency on occasion.

The Inquisitor’s bottigliera, a bell-shaped well that the Inquisitor reconstructed into a wine cellar, has recently been restored and made accessible as part of the Inquisitor’s Palace experience! In celebration of its opening, Taste History is inviting the public to learn more about wine consumption in Malta. Guests will be treated to a historical wine pairing, complete with international wines and locally-sourced cheeses, curated by food historians and a sommelier. Additionally, they will offer commentary from their contrasting but complementary perspectives during the tasting. 

The event is scheduled to begin at 7 pm and conclude at 9.30 pm. Enjoy a captivating and enriching evening as you get lost in the aroma and delve into the intriguing history of wine culture in Malta.

Secure a spot and get your tickets on Heritage Malta’s official site here, or else at any and all of Heritage Malta’s museums and sites.