Middle Eastern Sharing Plates Workshop

A colourful feast of dishes including pumpkin with mint and sumac, baked filo tart with ġbejna and kale and vibrant crunchy salad with an orange blossom dressing and much more.
Looking to throw a little get together but want to keep it light, fresh and stress-free? This workshop will showcase seasonal vegetables creating a diverse range of dishes to create a feast of colours and textures. The fruit and vegetables that you will use are sourced from local, young farmers, growing organically. Drawing upon flavours from the Middle East and the Mediterranean each dish will highlight how beautiful and satisfying vegetables can be if treated in the right way. With a little help from some, perhaps, unfamiliar seasonings like Sumac, pomegranate molasses and preserved lemon, amongst others each dish becomes an exciting explosion of flavour. Our chef instructors will demonstrate how to create a balanced yet dynamic spread of food that will have all your friends showering you with compliments and asking for the recipes!

The event is finished.

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