Portraits: A piano recital

This project was inspired by Covid and all its related restrictions, frustrations, insecurity, crushed projects and defeats. We’ve all touched that ‘black hole’ one way or another. But being a musician thankfully also presents the possibility of creating that which nothing can touch. And that which brings you in touch. Music – about which we’ve all heard the phrase “when words fail, music speaks” ad nauseum. It’s true though. And being a pianist also presents the possibility of reproducing music that other instrumentalists fail in their endeavours as soloists.

Ten fingers, however big or small they may be, are capable of reproducing a whole orchestra, the sheer power of expression of a group of people, freeing the imagination to unimagined heights, hearing a flute sing through the pianist’s little fifth finger, the clarinet in the middle line coming from between the hands, the bassoon in the bass line, the horn singing plaintively through the thumb.

We fly, going beyond that great majestic instrument we call the grand piano, but which really should be called infinite possibilities, flying imagination.

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The event is finished.

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