Taking A Look At The Big Names In Malta This Year

Left: David Walliams & Right: Russell Crowe

It comes as no surprise that Malta has had its fair share (and continues to do so) in being in front of the camera and making its way onto global screens thanks to the many blockbusters it has provided its scenery to. The music industry is also thriving in Malta as the Maltese people can expect to see an impressive number of internationally renowned artists making their way over to share their talents. 

Both the film industry and music industry are booming in Malta and 2023 is still yet to see them slow down (and at the moment, there is no sign of stopping). We take a look at a number of industry big names who have either already visited the island or are still yet to do so in 2023. 

Film - Actors

Left: Lacey Chabert & Right: Simu Liu

Left via Us Weekly & Right via The Independent

Gladiator 2 is currently filming in Malta and has seen the names of Russell Crowe, Pedro Pascal and Paul Mescal (with more surely to be spotted soon) around the island. Mean Girls star Lacey Chabert was also seen in Malta in March after filming her new film, The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango.

Simu Liu was also spotted in Malta after announcing that he was shooting his newest film, The Last Breath on the island. He is best known for his roles in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings and the new upcoming Barbie movie.

The Mediterrane Film Festival is also welcoming plenty of well-known names and faces. We can expect to see Australian actor Eric Bana, British comedian and actor David Walliams, Annabelle Wallis who is best known for her role on Peaky Blinders and Jared Harris known for his role in Mad Men. 

Music - Singers/Artists

Left: Charlie Hedges & Right: Farruko

Left via OK! Magazine & Right via Youtube

The film industry isn’t the only sector that is thriving in Malta – the music industry is also gearing up to have Malta host and welcome a number of artists. Music festival ‘Summer Daze’ is looking forward to welcoming big names such as The Black Eyed Peas, Zara Larson, Farruko and more.

Rock icon Robbie Williams will also be appearing in August for his own concert which is expected to have an incredible turnout.  

Isle of MTV is set to have OneRepublic perform who are known for their smash hits ‘Counting Stars’, ‘Apologise’ and ‘I Ain’t Worried’.

Music - Singers/Artists

Left: Alessio & Right: Tom Grennan

Left via Billboard & Right via Bedford Today

Other big artists also confirmed for the Isle of MTV include British singer Mimi Webb who is known for her hits, ‘House on Fire’, ‘Red Flags’, ‘Ghost of You’ and ‘24/5’.

Hit DJ Alessio will also be making an appearance. Alessio is the mastermind behind ‘When I’m Gone’ featuring Katy Perry, ‘Words’ featuring Zara Larson, ‘Heroes’ featuring Tove Lo and ‘Remedy’.

British artist Tom Grennan has also been announced as a performer. Grennan’s most known songs include ‘Little Bit of Love’, ‘By Your Side’ which was produced by DJ Calvin Harris, ‘Not Over Yet’, which is KSI’s song featuring Grennan and ‘All These Nights’.

With so many well-known figures touching down on the island and many still yet to come, we cannot wait to see their talents and see what else they have in store.