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Pay contactless on all buses in Malta

With the aim of facilitating our lives, especially the lives of Tallinja Card holder residents and visitors, the company Visa has collaborated with the Bank of Valletta and Malta Public Transport, to introduce contactless payments on public transport in Malta.

Contactless payment allows for consumers to pay for goods and in this case, services, using their debit or credit cards, with RFID technology, without the need to swipe, enter a PIN or sign for the transaction. Though contactless payments have been around for a few years now, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to many establishments and service providers opting to offer consumers the ability to pay contactless.

Highlighting the importance of public transportation in ensuring post-pandemic economic recovery across Europe, David Farrugia, the Visa Malta country manager said: “Public transportation systems are crucial for people who rely on them to get to and from work every day. Consumers rely on them to access their local businesses and purchase their needs, while tourists use public transport to get around the islands.”

Photo: Newsbook.com.mt

As many countries around the world are currently launching contactless payment and in turn, aiding the support of essential workers and recovery, cities are in the process of becoming more sustainable through contactless payments’ potential, to lower carbon transport options. This process results in a globally projected uptake of as much as 27% on public transport, if barriers associated with paying for the service are removed.

For several cities the world over, contactless transport has morphed from a luxury to a must-have, in order to provide customers with safe and secure solutions through COVID-19 and beyond. With the new ability, local residents as well as tourists will worry less about carrying cash on their person and queuing in the heat for tickets.