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The Summer Feast Guide: Settembre 2022

The Summer Feast Guide: Settembre 2022

There is no better place in Malta to hang out with the locals than during a Maltese festa.

The Maltese have a strong devotion to their patron saints, and every year the local festa, which is essentially a religious event, is celebrated in their honour. Depending on the number of churches in the area, each village honours a different patron saint or two. Every church is named after a different saint. As a result, some towns hold many feasts throughout the year.

The festa’s organisation is entrusted to the local band groups, often in partnership with parishioners. Even though there is only one celebration in the town, the competition between the band clubs may be fierce when it comes to the organisation of decorations and fireworks performances. It’s much more difficult when the community honours two separate patron saints, each of whom is honoured by a different band group. During the summer, festas are held. For the local community, this is a moment of immense joy. In reality, the festa is steeped in a plethora of traditions and rituals. Around 95 festas are held in Malta each year, including 10 in Gozo. The festa’s tradition began under the Knights of St John’s authority, notably under Grandmaster De Rohan, who governed the organisation from 1775 until 1797.

As a result of traditions that are deep-rooted in these yearly festivities, OhMyMalta has compiled a guide for feast enthusiasts and locality wanderers.

4th Settembre

St. Catherine, Zurrieq

St. Gregory the Great, Sliema

St. Francis of Assisi, Qawra

8th Settembre

The Navity of Our lady (National Holiday)





11th Settembre

Our Lady of Graces, Zabbar

Our Lady of Graces, Kapuccini Rabat Gozo