A look into some of malta's diet-friendly eateries

a look into some of malta's diet-friendly eateries

Nowadays, there are endless food options and dishes to enjoy. Many cafes and restaurants cater to a wide range of diets and special requirements. With people becoming more aware of what goes into their bodies and the effect of food production on the environment, changes in their diets are taking place. Whether people are influencing food trends by eating organic/bio, gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan foods either for a healthy lifestyle or for ethical reasons, businesses must adapt with the times to attract customers and keep their businesses afloat.

Although not quite at the same level as other countries, Malta is progressively moving forward and catering for the dietary requirements of the public. Below are the names of some cafes and restaurants you will find across Malta that cater or have options for those looking to consume specific foods.

Ħelu Manna (Gluten-free with lactose-free options)

If you follow a gluten-free diet and feel as though you’re missing out, worry not as Ħelu Mannu is a 100% dedicated gluten-free coffee shop. Offering an impressive range of wraps, pies, salads, bread and lactose-free desserts, along with frozen foods, it’ll feel like you never missed out in the first place. With locations in San Gwann and Valletta, you can find one closest to you.

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BRUVV (Gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options)

Offering an extensive range of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free foods (along with regular options), customers can expect delicious food while accommodating their needs and requirements. Serving everything from ftira, salad, wraps, toasties and desserts, BRUVV leaves no one out and ensures that no matter which diet you follow, you can enjoy an abundance of foods.

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Soul Food Restaurant (Vegan and vegetarian with gluten-free options)

Located in the capital city, Soul Food serves food that is nourishing for the body, yet highly delicious. Serving an array of foods from salads, whole wheat and fresh egg pasta, burgers, freshly baked piadina bread and buddha bowls, diners can rest assured they are consuming healthy foods that are still in line with their requirements.

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Sottozero The Gelato Factory (Gluten-free with lactose-free and sugar-free options)

If you’re after a creamy gelato or fruit-based sorbet during the warmer months (or any time of the year), Sottozero The Gelato Factory has you covered. Serving over thirty flavours and types of ice cream, there is sure to be a flavour for you. With the majority of their ice creams being gluten-free and many lactose-free with sugar-free options, no one will be left out and can enjoy a sweet treat without feeling guilty.

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Damiano’s Dessert (Gluten-free with dairy-free and lactose-free options)

Found in the heart of busy Sliema, this cafe won’t let you down if you’re in need of a sugar fix but are following a specific diet. Specialising in gluten-free cakes and traditional Italian pastries, with dairy or lactose-free options, Damiano’s allows people to enjoy delicious sweets without having to worry about swerving away from their diet.

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Hungry Hippie (Vegetarian and vegan options)

With a tasty and healthy selection of dishes on the menu, people following a vegan or vegetarian diet can rest assured they have a generous selection to choose from. Serving pasta, starters, brunch, sandwiches, salads and burgers all with vegetarian or vegan options, you can experience all the flavours with no hassle. Soy and almond milk are available upon request also.

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