[RESTAURANT REVIEW] Digging into an English Tradition

[RESTAURANT REVIEW] Digging into an English Tradition

We check out Corinthia St George’s Bay’s lovely afternoon tea and enjoy not only the well-known traditional version but also its chocolate lovers twist

After a long day of work and all the stresses that come with it, sometimes a simple cup of tea, a small sweet treat and lounging on the sofa are all you need to allow time for yourself. Other times, you want to take a break and let someone else do the work for you. We have the answer for you, the Corinthia St George’s Bay.

My guest and I were greeted with a warm welcome upon arrival and the friendly staff guided us to our reserved table to later be joined by our afternoon tea. The ambience and atmosphere of the lobby were sophisticated and tranquil, thanks to the marble-designed tables, crème-coloured walls and music that gently played in the background to fill the silence. The designated dining area for the afternoon tea pleasantly looked over the ocean and gave diners a sense of a fresh breath of air as the view was accommodated by a generous-sized window, which allows for the space to be opened and creates the illusion of a far larger area.

We were presented with the menus to have an overview of what would be included in our sure-to-be delectable afternoon tea. We opted for the ‘Classic Afternoon Tea’ and the ‘Chocolate Lovers Afternoon Tea’- how could you possibly choose one between them? We were to then select from the beverage options, which are free-flowing throughout the duration of the afternoon tea. The options were tea and coffee with the addition of hot chocolate if you opted for the chocolate-inspired afternoon tea.

Considering we are both avid tea lovers and were soon about to enjoy a British tradition, we went for tea, naturally. Plant-based milk was also available for those who prefer or can’t consume regular milk.

The two three-tiered stands arrived at our table and the strong and pleasant aroma of strawberries was immediately recognised. They were fresh, vibrant and delicately placed atop the stands alongside the beautiful desserts. The presentation of both stands was consistent and attention to detail was taken seriously. The presentation, colours and sizing of each food delicacy allowed all items to show off and stand out whilst simultaneously, complementing the entirety of the selection.

The bottom tiers on both stands were filled with sandwiches, full of fresh ingredients with soft and thick bread slices. The Classic Afternoon Tea included sandwiches which consisted of caviar and dill Parma ham, pecorino cheese and rocket leaves with Salami Napoli and smoked salmon and sour cream. The Chocolate Lovers Afternoon Tea opted for the same fillings with the addition of brie cheese and piccalilli. A wise addition to the chocolate counterpart as it provided the palate with a saltier and tangy flavour profile, allowing the diner to slowly work their way up and reach the decadently-rich chocolate sweets.

Gradually moving up, the second tier on both stands showcased two perfectly baked scones with lightly crisped tops and white edges, implying that the centre of these traditional British favourites was going to have a slightly crisp texture atop paired with a soft and moist middle – the perfectly baked scone. The scones contained a generous number of chocolate chips which not only gave the scones a slight kick of chocolate of course, but an added level of texture which challenged the traditional “smooth” feel in the mouth. The classic afternoon tea included two slices of fruit cake which were filled with raisins and held a lovely golden colour. They, along with the scones were accompanied by clotted cream and a tart berry jam to enhance and elevate the flavour and balance out the texture of the scones and fruit cake. Included in the chocolate afternoon tea, a soft and delicate chocolate muffin replaced the fruit cake. It was extremely pleasant and proved to compromise both a subtly sweet and rich flavour profile. A ganache of what seemed to be dark chocolate was an extra condiment option to pair your scones with should you desire more chocolatey goodness.

The top and final tier of both stands boasted a beautiful array of small sweet treats that looked ever so colourful and perfectly arranged. The addition of strawberry slices and blueberries added a vivid display that also presented tart and summery aromas – such a simple yet effective inclusion. The Chocolate Lovers came with a blue macaron and chocolate filling that not only stood out and perfectly contrasted the bright red of the strawberries, but also enhanced the brown-toned desserts as it gave the eye a colourful display. It had a smooth yet crisp bite and the slight bitterness of its chocolate filling was able to successfully cut through the sweetness of the macaroon biscuit itself – a truly decadent and delicious inclusion. The small four-layered chocolate mousse was creamy, smooth and exceptionally balanced between the balancing flavours of chocolate and cream. The Classic Afternoon Tea opted for a vanilla mouse – with a tarty mango coulis that successfully balanced the dessert out with its overall zesty flavour profile. Miniature chocolate truffles were included in both stands and were available in both white and dark chocolate. Biting into these treats created a slight burst of rum, which allowed for interesting tastes of sweet chocolate and the strikingly distinct rum flavour to come together.

The tea successfully complemented each delectable item of food and was able to harmonise with the flavours, whether they be sweet or savoury. Ultimately, the final taste that was left lingering in our mouths was the notes of a full-bodied and rich taste of quality tea, overall complementing the many flavours we had just experienced.

We would gladly recommend Corinthia St George’s Bay for afternoon tea. They accommodate alternative foods and beverages for diners who request and have friendly staff, quick service and an overall comfortable and welcoming environment. An added incentive is free parking for those who visit the hotel for afternoon tea! 

Reserve your table by calling  +356 2137 4114