[Restaurant Review]: An explosion of tastes at this restaurant in St Julian’s

It’s a typical Venerdì evening,  which means that cooking is off the cards. I’m craving a good meal that doesn’t break the bank but cannot picture myself circling around the same few blocks in hopes of finding a parking space twelve hours later. Because let’s face it, to  live in Malta is to exist in an endless state of circling the block, wide-eyed and frantic, screaming out, “Is that a spot?!” every eight seconds. There’s nothing more I desire right now than finding the perfect eatery that to unwind and de-stress.  

After some serious thought, and thorough research, I find the perfect spot that ticks all my boxes. Free parking? Check. Vast menu? Check. Attentive service? Check. Intrigued? Allow me to proceed.  Nestled on the ground floor of Radisson Blu St Julian’s, is Le Bistro, a chic restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere offering a vast range of Mediterranean-inspired dishes. 

When I visit on a Venerdì, the staffing spot-on. There are a good number of waiters, none of whom look overworked or flustered, and dishes find their way to tables at a reassuring pace. The decor is simple, stylish and elegant. Service is outstanding; with a stellar and knowledgeable staff, a group that has mastered the knack of friendly but not familiar, offering service that’s intimate but not intrusive. 

So let’s get to the food… oh the food!  For starters my guest and I opt for garganelli combined with sublime beef strips and parmesan; not too heavy, not too creamy, expertly flavoured and visually enticing, much like the restaurant itself. I’m not too sure how visually appealing my guest and I looked wolfing it down, however. Next up: crusted burrata with fresh herbed crumbs, spiced tomato gazpacho and tomato chutney; an A-plus for the vibrant colours as well as the fresh combination that worked wonders. 

For the main event, my guest’s steak,  ordered medium rare, arrives first, oozing its meaty juices in a delicate dribble on the plate. Luxury manifested; the higher fat content is succulent, and the marbling is perfectly distributed – no chewy chunks of regret here. My braised pork cheeks arrive soon after, feeding my soul one bite at a time.

Both were served with an assortment of char grilled vegetables and crispy fries, which were equally delicious, having  the perfect crunch, fluff and salt ratio. 

Despite both being serious carnivores and having ordered meat dishes as mains, Le Bistro appeals to vegetarian guests, too, as long as they don’t take offense to the mouthwatering steaks on neighbouring tables. 

We close off with a crème brûlée. Under the crisp burnt – sugar crust of crème brûlée lurked silky warm custard; the perfect dessert to soothe our stomach and call it a night. 

I fail to think of something I’d rather do on a Venerdì night than to amble down to visit Le Bistro’s friendly staff, atmosphere and delicious food. So hit this place up during the week for a chilled vibe or drop by at the weekend for a livelier atmosphere and even stunning views by opting for a table outdoors. Book your table. Do it. I’ll even go so far as to say that if you’re even slightly disappointed, I’ll be happy to come down there myself and challenge you. They’re open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, so no excuses!

Reserve your table by calling on +356 2137 4894.

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