Valletta Ghost Hunt: a modern Escape Game-Tour fusion

Do you consider yourself a fan of the mystery-horror genre? Well, here’s a spooky event that’s a bit more immersive than watching ghost-hunting clips in your room with the lights off. 

You may think your many hours spent watching/reading horror have desensitised you, but are you daring enough to visit Valletta late at night when all the creepy historical landmarks and buildings have been deserted? Plenty of sites in Valletta have been rumoured to be haunted, like Fort St. Elmo or the The Sacra Infermeria.

The Valletta Ghost Hunt is an innovative cross between escape games and tours, and perfect for those who want to explore the historic city but have no idea where to begin. During the activity, you’ll be guided around Valletta’s best hidden yet popular spooky spots, such as the Manoel Theatre and the Grandmaster’s Palace. Along the way, you’ll solve puzzles, riddles, and cryptic codes, as well as learn fascinating tidbits and secrets about the sites.

You’ll be playing the game from the perspective of a fictitious character; Frederick Wagner is a respected German child psychiatrist who goes to Valletta in order to fix his marital problems, but the troubles and career-related misdeeds of his past seemingly follow him to the city. That means you can expect quippy dialogue and surprise interactions during your hunt. 

This hunt is organised by Questo, a modern entertainment platform providing thematic real-world exploration games in over 130 cities, having reached up to hundreds of thousands of players already. The game takes about 75 minutes to complete and can be played at any time, beginning at the City Gate and ending at Fort St. Elmo. Just make sure you purchase a ticket here, after which point you’ll receive an email guiding you with installation of the Questo app. 

The great thing is you may pause and resume as you wish, and since your phone would be your tour guide, you don’t have to be part of some lagging crowd. You can play the game alone (unless you’re a minor in which case you’ll need an adult to accompany you), in a big group ,or you can even compete in smaller groups. And ofcourse, if you choose to go it alone then let someone know – Safety first! 

So, what do you say? Are you ready to discover the ghostly secrets of Valletta?