your guide to A day in gozo

Gozo Channel

The Maltese Islands, as the name implies, are comprised of three islands, including Malta, Gozo and Comino. No trip to said Islands is complete without at least a day trip to Gozo. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list (so take a note) of everything you should visit from the second you set foot on the sister island, to the second you board the ferry back to Malta.


Ġgantija temples

First on the list is the town of Xagħra. A stone’s throw away from the capital of Victoria (around 3.6km’s worth of throws), the town is surrounded by beautiful bays, including the famous Ramla Bay. The town is also home to the UNESCO World Heritage Ġgantija temple complex, which consists of two Neolithic stone temples, built between 3600 and 3200BC, making them older than Stonehenge, as well as the Egyptian pyramids! Once you’re in the area, you may as well check out the Ta’ Kola Windmill too. Bonus finds: Xerri’s Grotto and Ninu’s cave.


Wied l-Għasri

pHOTOGRAPHY: benjamin Gambin

Hop on a bus (ideally route 322, which will take you directly to Marsalforn) and you should find yourself in one of Gozo’s most well-loved towns. If the weather permits, and we hope it does, take the time to explore Wied l-Għasri and Qbajjar Bay. Reach the latter and you might already catch a glimpse of the real reason why Marsalforn is in this list. Keep walking until you reach a patchwork of salt pans, also featuring a small stall selling salt. In this region, the pans have existed since Phoenician and Roman times, and the tradition is still utilised today.


Ta' Pinu Basilica

Feeling a little run-down? Enter the sleepy town of Għarb. It goes without saying that the star of the show here is the monumental shrine to Our Lady of Ta’ Pinu Basilica. Built between 1920 and 1931, it is an absolute architectural masterpiece, featuring incredible structures and craftsmanship in Maltese stone. Once you’ve absorbed as much of the site as humanly possible, make your way to Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village and get your hands on some of Gozo’s finest artisanal products (hint: silver filigree and lace [‘bizzilla’] are crowd-pleasers!) Honourable mentions: Wied il-Mielah window and the folklore museum.


The Cittadella

You didn’t think we would leave the capital out of this list, did you? Our greatest recommendation for the bustling town of Victoria is of course, Cittadella. The surrounding walls date back to the 15th century, developed under the Phoenicians and later transforming into a Roman town. Check out the museums, as well as the breath-taking views of all of Gozo once you’re there. If you have a couple of hours to kill, go for a stroll in the Villa Rundle Garden. Tip: Victoria’s main square hosts a daily market (6:30am-2pm) so try and fit that into your schedule, too!


dWEJA tOWER AND fungus Rock

We’ve made it to our final spot, though there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other towns, spots, churches and beaches that deserve a visit. With a heavy heart we write that the Azure Window, which, previously was the main reason as to why many would visit this site, collapsed into the sea back in 2016. You may have recognised the 92-feet natural arch from Game of Thrones. That being said, there are several other stunning things to be seen in the area, in addition to Dwejra being the perfect sunset spot. Check out the Dwejra Tower, built in 1652, during the reign of Grand Master Lascaris, to guard the coast. Have some time before your ferry heads back to Malta? Why not check out the Chapel of St Anne and Fungus Rock?