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Refine your bread and pizza skills with a pro

Experienced home bakers and culinary professionals take note: the Mediterranean Culinary Academy (MCA) has launched a brand spanking new course, focused on refining your baking skills.

The four-day Artisan bread and pizza course, which will be held from 09-12 November this year, will be led by internationally esteemed chef and expert on Artisan baking, Chef Porzia Vitali.

Photo: MCA malta

“We are honoured to welcome Chef Porzia Vitali to the Academy to lead this exciting new course on the art of Artisan baking. While experienced home bakers will love this course, it has been developed specifically for those already in the industry in mind, such as culinary arts students, those in catering companies, chefs, or anyone who wants to master their baking skills,” said MCA Founder and CEO Kurt Mifsud.

Chef Porzia Vitali is an expert baker, who specialises in bread, gastronomy, pastry, pizza, event catering and banqueting, from her family-run bakery. Through the four-day course, Chef Vitali will guide attendees on a range of topics and techniques, including selecting the correct four for and the baking of different kinds of dough, yeast and fermentation. She will also explain how to make and properly taste various kinds of bread, as well as bread boule preparation and fermentation.

Photo: MCA malta

In addition to mastering the equipment, baking utensils, kitchen timings and organisation involved in the process, attendees will also learn how to make Neapolitan style pizza. Not to mention the ‘Pizza al taglio’, a tomato-sauce preparation for pizza and how to properly use mozzarella.

Priced at just €600, the course will be held in both Italian and English and attendees will receive a certificate of participation.

chef porzia vitali

The Artisan Bread and Pizza (Pro) course, will take place at The Pod, Spinola Park, St Julians, from 9-12 November 2020, from 10am to 4pm daily.

The MCA is the first educational establishment of its kind in the region, as well as the first product-driven food academy in the world. It offers both home cooks and culinary professionals a wide range of technical culinary abilities, with education, professionalism and sustainability at its core.

For more information on the course, as well as many others available at the MCA, click here.