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Forbes lists three local beaches as safest in Europe post pandemic

Photo: bay.com.mt

Oh YEAH! American business magazine Forbes shone a light on three beaches on the Maltese Islands, marking them as some of the safest post COVID-19.

The list of 13 beaches was compiled based on criteria such as lower number of cases during the pandemic, as well as at the time the article was written, vaccination rates, charters and health measures taken by the health authorities. The selected destinations also impose no mandatory quarantine upon arrival, so long as a negative test result is presented, bars and restaurants are open late or without curfews, beaches are supervised and the vaccination passport is recognised.

“For your safety and that of the most vulnerable people, we invite you to schedule your vaccination before you go on holiday,” recommends European Best Destinations, according to Cecilia Rodriguez, the author of the article. “If you do not want to do numerous tests, please choose destinations that recognise the vaccination certificate such as Malta, Greece and Madeira,” she added.

The author of the article also mentioned Malta as having the best vaccination rate in Europe, as well as that Malta “will roll out the red carpet for visitors this summer, offering up to €200 ($244) per stay per person.”

Which beaches were mentioned by Forbes?

Għadira Bay

Photo: Forbes

View of Ramla Bay, Gozo

Photo: Forbes

Let’s get to the good stuff. First on Forbes’ list of the safest beautiful European beaches is Għadira Bay in Mellieħa, also mentioning that masks on the beaches are recommended but not compulsory.

In third place on the list is Ramla Beach in Gozo, with the author adding that Gozo is considered to be Malta’s sister island but greener, more rural and smaller, with a spectacular coastline and some of the best dive sites in Europe.

Finally, the sixth spot is held by Riviera Beach, Għajn Tuffieħa in Mellieħa. The article adds: “with four times fewer severe cases of COVID-19 than the most affected European countries, Malta has remained one of the safest destinations in Europe throughout the pandemic. With the highest vaccination rate in Europe and inducements to welcome travellers, Malta is positioned as a must-see destination of the year.”

Check out the full Forbes article here.