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Relaxing COVID-19 measures for the vaccinated

Relaxing COVID-19 measures for the vaccinated

Health minister Chris Fearne is currently outlining details of the new vaccine certificate, which is due to come into effect as of next week.

As of Monday 17 January, only the fully vaccinated will be allowed to access restaurants, cafes, gyms, spas, cinemas and theatres, as well as other public places.

What’s more, the vaccine certificate will also only be valid for three months from the second shot or nine months from the booster, with exemptions for those who have recently recovered from COVID-19 and have thus been unable to get the third shot, as outlined here.

The full list of venues where a vaccine certificate will be needed for entry is to be published later today, said the health minister.

Which measures are being relaxed?

  • With regards to restaurants, snack bars and similar establishments, the two metre rule will be relaxed

  • Sporting events will be open to spectators that are fully vaccinated

  • Mask-wearing will no longer be mandatory in public for those who have received the booster jab, provided that they are in an open space with no more than two people

  • Workers in restaurants and similar establishments who do not have direct contact with clients, need not be vaccinated

  • Those who are exempt from the scheme and therefore will be permitted to access to restaurants and similar places include the unvaccinated who are under 18 years of age, pregnant women who are in their first trimester and those who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 and could not take their booster shot.

  • Those who could not receive the vaccine for medical reasons will be permitted to enter the barred establishments without a vaccine certificate

What about travelling-related measures?

The health minister also announced that with regards to travel, residents of Malta who have not received their booster dose will have a grace period until 1 February, 2022, to return to Malta without the third dose. After the 1 of February, the quarantine period will be removed for those travelling to Malta specifically to receive their booster dose. 

What do you think of the measures?

is the vaccine mandatory in malta?

No, vaccination for COVID-19 is not mandatory in Malta and according to Chris Fearne, there are no plans to make a certificate mandatory in other venues than the ones listed. Fearne also added that there is no plan to introduce mandatory vaccination either.