Malta Restaurant Guide: Vegan Edition

Over the decades, veganism has grown in popularity and with the constantly growing amount of information available to the world nowadays, it has helped shape the minds and change perspectives of people’s eating patterns. Thankfully for vegans (and vegetarians, for that matter) Malta has quite the selection when it comes to vegan food and vegetarian eating and in honour of World Vegan Month, we take a look at some of Malta’s best vegan eateries.

Balance Bowl

This eatery is Malta’s first 100% vegan cafe so if you follow the vegan diet, you can rest assured knowing that everything you enjoy from here, is pure plant goodness. Offering breakfast and lunch with late opening hours, diners can expect to enjoy delicious vegan food in a chill and relaxed atmosphere. 

They offer dishes from a range of cuisines such as Asian, American, Greek and more. Diners will forget that they are eating plant produced meals as the dishes available are much more than just the regular salad or fruit platter that is thought of when thinking of vegan food. They also offer gluten free buns for their burgers should you also prefer/follow a gluten free diet. All of their desserts are also gluten free and obviously vegan, so should you want a sweet hit, Balance Bowl’s desserts have also got you covered. 

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u Bistrot

Having its own dedicated vegan menu, UBistrot ensures that it leaves no diner out as they offer an all vegan starter, mains and desserts. Their vegan starter is a carrot and cilantro soup whilst their mains include an avocado burger, seitan steak, penne calabacin and chickpea and beetroot ravioli. For desserts, diners are requested to enquire from within for the day’s freshest home-made desserts. 

Vegan diners eating here will not feel left out at all as they truly have a vast selection of vegan meals to choose from. 

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Caffé Berry

Serving an impressive number of specialty coffee and smoothies, Caffé Berry also offers vegan foods for their diners as well. As mentioned in the name, Caffé Berry is a café so although their menu is smaller than a typical restaurant, vegan diners will be happy to know that they too are well looked after. 

Some of their vegan offerings include a Hazelnut Vegan Tart, Vegan Sandwich, Vegan Mashavo, Vegan Beet and more. Whether you’re after something sweet or savoury, there is something for everyone. 

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Cafe Cuba

Cafe Cuba is a vastly popular chain across Malta that serves an abundance of dishes from all over the world.  People who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet will be pleased to know that they have plenty of options to choose from. With dishes such as the Vegan Daikon Radish BLT, the Vegan Pita Pocket, or the Vegan Moving Mountains burger, vegan diners have a great selection to choose from. 

Should you also want to finish your meal with a nice cup of coffee, you can do so too as Cafe Cuba also offers plant based milk alternatives. 

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Naar Restobar

Popular restaurant NAAR Restobar located in St Julian’s, is known for its outdoor terrace and open-air relaxed atmosphere. Their food is also known to be delicious and made with high-quality ingredients. NAAR offers a great selection of vegan dishes such as the Roasted Beets and Sweets Salad, the Vegan Curried Kale & Tofu Tacos and the Vegan Cauliflower and Chickpea Nachos, amongst more. 

Eating vegan dishes at NAAR isn’t boring or stereotypical as they combine fresh ingredients with different herbs and flavours to produce the mouth-watering available vegan meals. If you’re in the mood for breakfast, NAAR has you covered too as they offer a full Vegan breakfast – which consists of vegan sausages, portobello mushrooms, baby spinach and grilled tomatoes amongst more vegetables and traditional English breakfast components.  

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